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MPC Products Corporation is an industry leading manufacturer of high performance electromechanical motion control systems primarily for aerospace and tomorrow.MPC Products Corporation is an innovative engineering and manufacturing organization dedicated to the design and production of high performance/high reliability electromechanical (EM) modular devices.Our Services: Concurrent Engineering, Environmental Testing, Manufacturing, Prototyping Process and more...Our Products: Motors, Sensors, Components, Rotary Actuator, Linear Actuators, Electronics and Systems, Flight Deck Controls, Build to Print and more...Contact MPC Products Corporation: MPC is conveniently located adjacent to Chicago, and suburban areas as well. We are 20 minutes from O'Hare Airport and downtown, and 5 minutes from Chicago's expressway and tollway network.Opportunies at MPC Products: Electromechanical Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Software Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Drafters, Technicians, Machinists and more...Customer Support: RMA Requests, 24-Hr, 7-Day-a-Wk AOG Services, Spare Parts Inventory, Overhaul and Maintenance Manuals, Technical Data Publications, Performance Warranties, SPEC 2000 and ATA 200 Provisioning, Logistic Support and more... MPC is AS9100 & ISO9001:2000 Certified. Certified

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Motors, Sensors & Components
Rotary Actuators
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Electronics & Systems
Software Engineering
Servo Systems
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Electro-Hydrostatic Actuators

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Electronics & Systems

Woodward MPC designed and manufactured electronics provide the control and power that enable electromechanical components and systems to perform complex movements. Woodward MPC has the complete in-house capability to develop and manufacture electronic controls for its motors - from simple control and amplification, to complete closed-loop servo systems. Electronics can be supplied as discrete components in boxes or on cards, or as hybrid packages - either stand-alone or integral with a motor.

Discrete component, control and amplification electronics

Closed-Loop Servo
Analog or Digital interface; rate, torque or position controlled

Circuit Card
Complete design capability - unique configurations incorporated into customer configurations

Rack-Mount Circuit Card
Discrete and Hybrid, control amplifications and closed-loop

Control and amplification

Electronic Capabilities
Closed-Loop Servo Systems with Analog or Digital Interfaces

Multi-Channel, Electronically Synchronized Motion Systems

Discrete, Surface Mount and Hybrid Circuit Modules and Chip-on-Board

High-Current Hybrids: 270VDC, 25 amp,

Sensorless Brushless Motor Controllers

DC-DC Signal Conditioners


A variety of housing and mounting configurations are available, depending on output power (up to 85 watts/in3).

Woodward MPC electronics provide a variety of functions - from simple control functions and servo drive electronics to closed-loop servo systems.


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